Naomi R. Ewan :

Naomi R. Ewan

Naomi is the owner and President of Dearborn Title, having founded the company in 1988. She was working with title insurance prior to that, with Ewan Law Office. Naomi prepares closing packages, performs closings, and handles commercial transactions. Naomi and her husband Bill live in Mt. Sinai and have one daughter Andrea (see below).

William K Ewan :

William K Ewan

Bill has been working in real estate since returning to Lawrenceburg from time with the Navy in 1974, but he began learning prior to that time from his father Richard who began the business of checking real estate titles in 1935. Bill has been admitted to the Bar since 1967, is now retired. He is married to Naomi and has one daughter Andrea.

Kimberly Hizer :

Kimberly Hizer

Kim's position with Dearborn Title is administrative assistant, with responsibility for preparation of all commitments, deeds, final policies, and other correspondence. Kim has been with Dearborn Title since 1988. She lives in Aurora with her husband, Dave, and has two children, Lyndsay and Cody and two grandchildren, Brynn and Kaleigh.

Evelyn Meyer :

Evelyn Meyer

Evelyn's primary responsibilities are to receive and initially process all orders, entering them into the computer; assign responsibility for searches; perform all out-of-county searches; balance escrow account; and supervise filing operations for completed work. Evelyn has worked for Dearborn Title since 1993. Prior to her employment with Dearborn Title, she was elected to and served two terms as Dearborn County Auditor. Evelyn lives in Aurora and has one daughter Ruthann.

Ruthann Meyer :

Ruthann Meyer

Ruthann began working with Dearborn Title in January 2010 after receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Economics/Agricultural Finance from Purdue University in May 2009. Her primary responsibilities include title searches, preparing closing packages, and performing closings. She resides in Mt. Sinai with her two dogs, Toby and Dory.

Andrea Ewan :

Andrea Ewan

Andrea began with Dearborn Title full time in May of 1998 and worked part time while attending Miami University to major in Management Information Systems and minor in Business Legal Studies, until graduation in May, 2001. Upon graduation, Andrea began working for The Kroger Co. as an Information Systems Auditor. After two years with Kroger, she returned to the title company as office manager and information systems officer, and is undergoing training for future acquisition of the company. Andrea received her JD and MBA in May of 2009 and was admitted to the bar in October 2009. Andrea's responsibilities with Dearborn Title include preparing closing packages, performing closings, and being in charge of all software changes for the business. Andrea has taken full ownership of Ewan Law Office and focuses on real estate and probate/estate law. Andrea is married to Mike Wallace and they live in Aurora with their dog, Snoopy.