The following fees are for residential fees only, commercial fees are available upon request.

Download our fee schedule here.

Title Search & Exam (50 Years) $175.00
Current Owner Search (10 years or under) $75.00
Title Search & Exam (20 or 30 year) $125.00
Title Search (Commercial 50 year) $250.00
Residential Title Update $75.00
Commercial Title Update $100.00
Service Fee (per document retrieval, recording, or gathering information) $25.00 + copies $1 a page
Residential Real Estate Closing Fee with loan $300.00
Residential Real Estate Cash closing Fee $200.00
Commercial Real Estate Closing Fee $400.00
Incoming Wire Fee $7.50
Outgoing Wire Fee $12.50
Payoff Courier Fee $12.50
Package Courier Fee $25.00
TIEFF (per policy issued) $5.00
E-mail Package Fee (if applicable for a loan closing) $25.00
Endorsements Fee (First American Only) $25.00
Deed Prep (includes sales disclosure) $90.00
Sales Disclosure only $10.00

A simultaneous Issue Fee will apply when Loan Policy & Owner’s Policy issued together.

Commercial Title Insurance Rates or Residential Rates Over $500,000 please call for a quote.